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Design Trends that We Love: Winter 2013

Design Trends that We Love: Winter 2013

By Micah Slavens on February 5 2013

Design Trends that We Love: Winter 2013

Trends on the web change at an extremely rapid (but fun) pace. Here’s a look at a few design trends that are catching our eyes right now.

Flat & Bright Designs

Just like the width of men’s ties and the cuffs of jeans, what’s cool in web design goes in cycles. On the web, the repetitive swing seems to be between simple/clean and complex/layered. These days, the pendulum is veering back to the flat, clean and minimal. Extra textures, backgrounds and photo-realistic flourishes have been abandoned for simple shapes, big headings and bright colors. Brands like Microsoft, Rdio and others have embraced this movement (and we think they’re looking pretty great because of it).


Mobile Inspired Interfaces

The advent of the mobile device has not only had effect on how we use the web. Mobile design has begun to influence the way desktop web experiences are designed. “Off canvas” (off screen) menus, sticky tool bars, and other mobile design techniques are showing up on more websites all the time.

HCoM Programs and Services

Scrolling Story

Long scrolling pages have been popular for a while now, but lately one-page sites have been getting a little more interesting. We’re seeing more sites that combine scrolling layered sections with story-like content. The result is an experience with visual impact and a captivating flow.

Purple Orange

Javascript Deliciousness

Since the rise of standards (and the death of Flash), javascript’s progress has skyrocketed. Tons of cool sites are adding little bits (or big bites) of javascript candy to add interest and fun to sites. From sticky menus and animations to all out experimental designs, we’re loving where things are going.


Interactive and Animated Infographics

Infographics on the web have been a huge trend in the past couple of years. These come in the standard graphic, illustrated variety and the slightly more exciting interactive types pioneered by gentlemen like Mike Bostock ( In addition to tons of new (and amazing) charting and mapping techniques, we’re seeing a resurgence in the animated GIF to add a little interest to simple illustrations.

Layer Vault

Designed to Move

That’s a quick look at some of the things that are catching our interest right now. If you want to know how you can employ some of these techniques in your site experience…