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Job Opening for a Web Developer

Job Opening for a Web Developer

By Tim Sloan on August 19 2016

Job Opening for a Web Developer

Lift loves building amazing things for the web and mobile. We are a leading strategy, design, and custom development shop located in Edmonton, Canada. We’re always ready to solve complex problems by applying our technical chops and UX thinking. Our clients run the gamut, from nonprofits to start-ups to Fortune 500 giants.

We are looking for a Web Developer ready to work with Django, who is excited to tackle new and interesting projects and either enjoys writing Python or is willing to learn (or as we like to think of it, convert). As a member of the Lift team, you’ll be involved in every aspect of development, from concept, to prototyping, architecting, to launching. We would like to develop a long term relationship with someone seeking full time work. This position requires on site work in our Edmonton, Alberta office. We will not accept applications for remote workers.

Within 30 days:

  • Follow Lift’s development methodologies and take part in team coding and meetings

  • Provide and incorporate constructive feedback on code reviews and use established Git branching models to stay in sync with the team

  • Deploy changes to development servers frequently so client stakeholders see progress and feel connected to the process

  • Create and work with Django templates with compliant HTML5/CSS3. Don’t worry, our front end team will make make sure things look pretty.

  • Model and implement intricate data structures using relational databases, primarily PostgreSQL

  • Communicate with the Account team or the client directly about progress and completed tasks with our project management tool, ActiveCollab

Within 60 days:

  • Write complex Django apps following client specifications and community development best practices

  • Collaborate on 3-5 multiple ongoing projects and commit changes frequently to provide project leads and project managers updates on progress

  • Lead productive and collaborative implementation discussions with internal and client stakeholders

  • Distill and transpose high-level project requirements into user workflows, user stories, and other documentation

  • Implement and maintain the use of common third party APIs (Social Authentication, Postmark, Stripe, etc)

  • Stay on top of latest technologies

Within 90 days:

  • Act as project development lead responsibilities when designated as lead on projects

  • Help setup and run projects in production environments on Linux (Ubuntu-flavor) with Nginx, UWSGI, PostgreSQL, Celery, Redis and other tools frequently deployed alongside Django web apps

  • Work with internal team and client stakeholders to scope and estimate development needs for new projects with potentially limited requirements

  • Help architect scalable solutions and performance-test applications to find and eliminate bottlenecks


  • At least 3 years of experience building dynamic web applications in any language

  • Has a good grasp of Django development techniques or other MVC frameworks

  • A deep knowledge of relational databases, such as PostgreSQL or MySQL

  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS

  • Familiarity with Linux (Ubuntu flavor) server environments

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication (both verbal and written) skills

  • Self-motivated and resourceful, with the proven ability to operate successfully under tight deadlines and time pressures

  • Enjoys a fast-paced, creative, dynamic, challenging and team-oriented work environment

Bonus Points for:

  • Familiarity with JavaScript front-end frameworks (Backbone.js, AngularJS, React)

  • Experience with building and maintaining REST API applications

  • Experience with deploying / maintaining an AWS stack.

  • Enjoy writing scripts to automate the mundane (Bash, Ansible, etc)

  • Familiar with test driven development practices

  • Deployment experience using Apache, Nginx + UWSGI, or other WSGI-based web servers

  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors (LESS, SASS)

  • Killer forehand on the ping pong table

  • Respectable foosball snake shot.

Lift uses a standard scale to calculate compensation. Our salaries take into account market rates, cost of living, candidate experience, and our place in the industry. We’re looking for a developer with experience for this position. Salary to be determined in interview process.

Email us at with a short message and resume.