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Lift is Hiring a Web Analytics Specialist

Lift is Hiring a Web Analytics Specialist

By Thorren Koopmans on September 5 2016

Lift is Hiring a Web Analytics Specialist

Lift loves building amazing things for the web and mobile. We are a leading strategy, design, and development shop located in Edmonton, Canada. We’re always ready to solve complex problems by applying our technical chops and UX thinking. We look to analyze data and use quality information to inform decisions. Our clients run the gamut, from nonprofits to start-ups to Fortune 500 giants.

We’re looking for a digital savvy Web Analytics Specialist to join our best-in-class team of developers, strategists, designers and project managers. As a member of the Lift team, you will be involved in various aspects of projects including discovery, planning, launch and ongoing iteration and marketing. You’ll be using your data sleuthing know-how to build tangible, measurable solutions for our clients unique business challenges. You are wildly curious, always up for a challenge, and have the innate ability to make the complex, simple.

This position requires working on site from our Edmonton, Alberta office. We are not accepting applications for remote workers.

As an analyst at Lift, your role will require you to:

  • Analyze data results and trends in order to provide reporting and appropriate recommendations aimed at management level audience within client organizations

  • Specify data requirements to developers in order to be able to output data usable for answering business questions

  • Encourage a focus on measurable factors within new projects with an understanding of project goals and business objectives at the start of a project

  • Advocate for creative use of quantitative analysis to improve business outcomes

  • Consider tools and systems to use for combining data from disparate sources, including online analytics and other data sources

  • Develop case studies that showcase the value of using Analytics to drive decision making for everything from design enhancements to marketing choices

  • Work with existing analytics software tools and find new tools to enhance the data analysis offerings that Lift provides to clients

  • Provide leadership and functional expertise to evolve digital best practices and the use of data in execution and measurement of digital marketing opportunities


  • University or college degree in statistics, commerce, business management or a similar field

  • 2-5 years of work experience

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Excellent problem solving skills

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication (both verbal and written) skills

  • Self-motivated and resourceful, with the proven ability to operate successfully under tight deadlines and time pressures

  • Enjoys a fast-paced, creative, dynamic, challenging and team-oriented work environment

  • Strong knowledge and high level of comfort with spreadsheet manipulation of data

  • Experience with web analytics software (Google Analytics, Omniture, Webtrends, etc.)

  • Familiarity with Google Tag Manager

Bonus Points:

  • Some familiarity in HTML and CSS

  • Familiarity with relational databases, such as SQL, PostgreSQL, or MySQL

  • Experience with digital ad serving platforms including AdWords, DoubleClick, Adroll, etc.

  • Email marketing experience

  • Ecommerce experience

  • Understanding of inbound marketing techniques and data driven content strategies

  • Proficiency with data visualization dashboard tools

  • Previous web development experience (Python, Ruby, PHP, .NET)

Lift uses a standard scale to calculate compensation. Our salaries take into account market rates, cost of living, candidate experience, and our place in the industry. We’re looking for a web analytics specialist with experience for this position. Salary to be determined in interview process.

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