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Lift Interactive


Plan wisely, build rapidly, adjust to the opportunities and launch with confidence. Our agile and lean development approach creates smart, secure, and scalable technology. We're zealous about building real, long-term value from your investment.

We incorporate design principles from the start to ensure the right solution. The end product is technology that works for you and your users.

Web Applications

Sometimes a website is more than a website. We build smart web applications (or web-apps) to automate processes, build new businesses opportunities and create communities. Your Lift application will be secure, scalable and designed with a great user experience.

We prefer to build our web applications with Python, Django and PostgreSQL, but we also employ other technologies when needed (JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, React, Vue.js).

Mobile Applications

Sometimes the best way to get the job done is with a well designed mobile app. An app lets us utilize the best functionality from your phone improving experience, notification and experience for the user. We build apps on a wide variety of budgets using native and hybrid frameworks.


Creating a functional prototype is one of the best ways to test your ideas. Prototyping lets us move together rapidly to create clickable, iterative designs. If you're not sure what the future of your product looks like, prototyping is a great way to pave the way forward.

Product Design

Product design brings user experience, design, prototyping and development together into one process. Together with our cross discipline team, we'll help you refine your product and its placement in the market.

Business Model Exploration

Let's discover your true offering and position it within a saturated market. We understand humans, business, and the intersection of the two. We use the business model and lean canvases to rapidly iterate through business models, uncovering new opportunities and obstacles.

Mvp & Beta Development

We love bringing new ideas to life. Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or beta product should get you to market fast so you can test your product with real users.

We'll help refine your idea using tools like the lean business model canvas. Then we'll prototype and build your technology using leading edge technologies (Django, InVision, APIs).

Engagement Platforms

It takes a little something extra to build a movement online. A successful online engagement platform will include elements of story, user submitted content, and social connection principals. We've built successful engagement platforms for political movements, place builders and corporations.