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Lift Interactive

Content & Messaging

Break through the noise with clear, concise, and on-brand content. Your customers are inundated with hundreds of "clever" marketing messages a day. Good copy connects your offering to their wants and needs. And it does it simply.

We start by uncovering your communication goals, understanding your audience, and crafting your unique voice and tone. Then we put it into action with engaging written content, effective taglines, and story-driven video.


Good copy does more than just sound right. It explains concepts clearly. It creates real emotion. It inspires action. From full website content to annual reports and blog writing, we craft messages that work for the channel and audience.

Even with all the video and media on the internet, your words are still ultimately what will convert visitors to action.

Voice & Tone

Build a real relationship with your audience. A brand is so much more than just visuals. Writing in a consistent voice builds a personality for your customers to connect with.

Tagline & High-level Messaging

Stand out and be remembered. A tagline or hero message can say so much in only a few words. When it's done well, it explains who you are, why you're different, and why customers should care.

Branded Video

Immerse customers in your story. Video is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and build your brand. We develop your concept, write the script, and shoot and edit it for web, social and broadcast.

Blogging & Ghost Writing

A blog is a key part of any search engine strategy. Your blog is your own personal publishing platform; you're the thought leader. We'll help uncover your expertise and align that with the topics and keywords that people are looking for. Our blog writing services allow you to post frequently and affordably without sacrificing authenticity or reputation.