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Lift Interactive

Holistic Digital Strategy

A good digital strategy allows you to find the right people, communicate the right messages, and send them to the right places. Together we can turn views into engagement and traffic into conversions.

Once we understand who you are, the true benefit of your offering, and your audience, digital allows us to test assumptions, analyze behaviour, and react quickly. We can see what's working, what isn't, and tweak on the spot.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Get the right customers on your site with an effective and flexible SEO/SEM plan. Together we'll build strong insight into your target market and their search behaviour. We use best of breed analytics and insight gathering tools to refine your strategy as you grow.

Content Strategy

We create digital content strategies so your audience grows in numbers, engagement and conversions. From blog content, to social media and video, we'll help you create content that connects with your audience.

Social Media Strategy

Attract attention and drive real conversions. You don't belong on every platform, so we'll determine where your audience spends their time and craft effective, targeted campaigns.

In order to be effective, your digital strategy needs to ensure that all your efforts work together. Web, search, paid, and social all work in tandem toward a common goal.

Digital Marketing Retainers

The primary way Lift engages in digital strategy is through our digital marketing retainers. These programs bring the best of our digital strategy talent together with SEO, pay-per-click advertising, social media and content strategy. Our plans are created with our clients based on ongoing and quarterly business goals. As we execute, we continue to refine strategies and execution based on analytics data.

To learn more about our digital retainers, contact us.

Business Model Exploration

Let's discover your true offering and position it within a saturated market. We understand humans, business, and the intersection of the two. We use the business model and lean canvases to rapidly iterate through business models, uncovering new opportunities and obstacles.

Design Thinking

Understand your users' motivations and build experiences that centre around their needs. Design thinking drives everything we do, and it will radically change how you do business. We'll guide you through our process to refine your business model and customer journey.

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