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Design Thinking

Apply design philosophy and process to solve real world problems.

What is Design Thinking?

“Design Thinking” is problem solving driven by user-centred empathy, collaborative ideation, and rapid, iterative prototyping. It is practical creativity geared towards improving, or innovating upon, the human condition, with good business value. By embracing “design thinking” at Lift Interactive, we are committing (with you) to look for the best possible experience for the end user. This results in not only in a better experience for the user, but it leads to learning and insights along the way that have deep impact for your organization.

Our goal is figure out your customers or audience and get inside their heads. We do this by interviewing and talking to them as much as possible. This empathy to their pains and desires will help us start our design process. We want to make sure we don’t invest too much time and effort into things that won’t be helpful, so we use rapid prototyping tools like “page anatomies” and “wireframes” to build out the project before we start writing code. This allows us to capture the spirit of the project without making any decisions that will be hard to go back on.

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