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Provide an easy and intuitive online shopping and payment experience.

A lot of things go into a single transaction and we here at Lift are ready to help you with all of them. From attracting more visitors, to converting them to customer through to supporting their additional needs. We know a single customer can make or break a business and we want every one of your customers to be treated like royalty.

Our approach is to start with understanding your brand and delving into how you’d like to create a unique and memorable experience. We focus on creating a unique design and user experience that will last. We bring all our experience and skill to the table as we develop the experience you’re looking for.

In order to create a memorable experience, we need flexible technologies. We work with best-in-class open source technologies as well as premier hosted solutions, Shopify.

To us, your business comes first. We craft the solution to maximize your impact for your customers. It’s not about us, it’s about you. Building trust is a big part of any E-commerce project and our crack team will make sure that your business is protected. From hardening your server to ensuring PCI compliance, we can make it happen.

There are many ways to build a shopping cart or and ERP system and we will not make any assumptions until we get your input. Every business is unique and we’re always ready to customize or develop the solution that fits. We do offer some standard features with all our projects:

  • Built-in marketing and promotional tools
  • Search engine optimisation ready
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Product catalogue management
  • Product browsing
  • Mobile friendly design
  • International support
  • Shipping calculations
  • Payment processing
  • Online customer service
  • Customer accounts for return visits
  • Multi-stage order management

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