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Mobile Development: Sleek apps done right. Engage your customers on their mobile devices.

The Mobile Web

The trend is unmistakable—mobile search is big and getting bigger. More people have smart phones and tablets and they’re using them more and more to find what they’re looking for online. Google has even started giving priority to websites that are optimized for mobile. 

An app is one way to capture the attention of your audience and streamline their experience with your site or product. Apps are great for conference attendees, big events and also for large communities of people to interact with each other.

Mobile trends from Google

User Experience First

We take the experience of users very seriously, and want them to experience both surprise and delight. We pull this off by fully working through the user experience and the user interface. The app should be easy to use, so we follow conventions that are prevalent on whatever OS we’re designing for. For example, Apple iOS users expect the navigation to be at the bottom of the screen and Android users expect it to be at the top or on the side.

Fully Branded

We respect the time and effort you’ve spent building your brand, so we build software that supports and enhances your unique image. We fully integrate applications with the look and feel of your brand. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter apps, and make sure every project is unique and professionally built.

Flexibility Built In

We know things will change over time. As you use a system, you’ll discover opportunities and uncover pain points that will require edits. Because of this, we build all our applications so that they are ready to be adjusted. We use a flexible user and permission system, implement simple ways to adjust the database schema, and so much more.

API Integration

Because we do other development too, we know how to work with APIs, and can build one for your application. We can work with authentication APIs, email newsletter sign up and pretty much any other type of custom API out there. Also, if you’re using Parse, we’d be happy to chat with you about how to create a great app interface.

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