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A desire to boldly change the face of giving.

Amplifier Giving is an online giving circle platform designed to enable the next generation of philanthropists. A giving circle is group of people coming together to give with intention. They pool their charitable donations and decide where to allocate their money. This often takes the form of a grant or scholarship.

Amplifier came to us in 2014 with a dream

They wanted to introduce a new generation of Jewish givers to the concept of giving circles. The platform makes it easy to learn, collaborate, and form a giving circle online.

The initial project included comprehensive directories and profiles for giving circles and charitable organizations. Circles are able to collaborate, launch grant opportunities, and review applications through the easy-to-use online interface.

Amplifier came to us in 2014 with a dream

Global Impact

3123+ givers

112 giving circles

23 regions

5 countries

Amplifier and Lift have worked hand-in-hand to innovate and enhance the user experience as the platform has grown.

We’ve learned how to deliver their service in better ways with an upgraded user dashboard, resources, and brand new CMS application that allows for greater control of their content and marketing efforts.

"Lift made a dream come to life, and for that we’re incredibly grateful. To see it all in action now feels like magic, but I know that what we see represents just enormous amounts of time, energy, brain power, goodwill, flexibility, imagination, and skill."

~ Felicia Herman – Director - The Natan Fund creators of, Amplifier Giving