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Office of the Auditor General, Alberta

The Office of the Auditor General, or more affectionately known as the "OAG", asked us to redesign their report-heavy website to be a creative, storytelling platform that encourages their online community to share and engage.

Enhance Reporting

The OAG is devoted to assuring our provincial money is well spent. They audit all ministries, departments, regulated funds and provincial agencies within Alberta.

Enhance Reporting

The world in which we live and work continues to grow in complexity.

Citizens’ expectations of their public institutions is to deliver different and better public service.


With the desired shift from OAG current operations, our process began with both teams participating in a number of workshop exercises. The goal was to uncover a direction that aligns with their organization. Storytelling rather than reporting.

Be Bold

The new OAG website is energized by their brand through colour, shapes, graphics and bold layouts.

The finished product boasts flexible reporting, intuitive browsing and an exceptional reading experience on all devices. Now, the OAG is ready to tell the story of Alberta's future by reporting on the past.