10139 - 81 Ave
Edmonton Alberta Canada
T6E 1W9

Lift Interactive

Blue Graphite

Blue Graphite Interior Design have been designing commercial interiors for the past five years. Through their unique hands-on process and collaborative approach, they've created some of Edmonton's most memorable interiors, such as the beautiful Mosaic Centre.

Story first

Leigh and Tricia came to us with a number of goals for their new site, but their main focus was to engage visitors with their story, rather than relying solely on imagery and clichéd sales narratives.

They wanted to ensure the site felt and read as an extension of themselves and their approach. Though each page was developed to work toward this goal, the 'how we do it' page was specifically designed to make Blue Graphite's process easy to digest.

Story first

A flexible brand

The brand and the website were developed in tandem, allowing refinement of the site design as new brand elements were created. This unique process allowed exploration and collaboration between our team members as graphical and typographic treatments were defined. The result is a robust brand with a strongly realized visual language both online and off.