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Commonwealth Walkway

The Commonwealth Walkway Trust came to us to design and develop a mobile storytelling application to accompany their newest Commonwealth Walk in Edmonton, Alberta. The app needed to accommodate multiple story lines, a variety of media and content types, 30 medallions located on a 10 kilometre loop throughout the Edmonton River Valley, integrate mapping functionality, as well adapt information presentation based on the app users location.


The audience for this project was not only Edmonton citizens, but any visitor to Edmonton wanting to learn more about the city's rich and vibrant history. We decided to develop the app so it was not dependant on the user's presence on the physical Walkway, but could be used from devices in their home, classroom, or across the world.


Technical Approach

We chose to structure the application around the physical medallions themselves, using latitude and longitude coordinates to plot these on a poly line path outlined on Google Maps. The medallions became centre points for geofences, allowing us to update content as the user entered or exited a medallion's proximity.

Understanding that not all users will interact with the walkway in the same way, stories could be experienced by following a specific theme, or by exploring all stories on a specific medallion.

The Edmonton River Valley allows for multiple access points along the Walkway, allowing users the ability to start and stop their experience at any time.

Accessing a user's device location allowed us to identify which medallion they were closest to on the Walkway, creating a seamless experience regardless of where the user entered the Walkway.

Key Considerations

The app required Google Map API integration in order to plot the medallions along the Walkway and illustrate a clear path of travel to the user. In order to identify users location along the path and dynamically update app content based on this, we also needed to implement location tracking technology.

As the Edmonton River Valley is accessible by many entrances, we chose to structure the app to allow for user exploration and limit confusion if the user does not enter at the identified Walkway end points.

Finally, the Application content will constantly be added to as Edmontons history evolves and new stories are created.