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A division of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, EEDC’s Trade & Investment team supports companies in the Edmonton Metro Region who are taking a risk in new markets by making the leap from local to global. They also work to attract new business from around the world to invest in Edmonton, assisting with a smooth transition into our regional market. speaks to two distinct audiences: site selectors searching for a new business location and local companies looking to grow into new markets through export.

Site selectors help businesses as they expand into new markets, finding them the best cities to open a new branch or larger location. They need data on the local economy, business climate, and workforce.

Many local companies don't realize they are ready to export or the ease in which they can make that transition. They may think that they're not large or established enough to sell outside of Edmonton.

Two audiences: two sets of goals

We built the site around funnelling EEDC's two distinct audiences into either "Invest" or "Export," where they can find specific data and information to support their next steps.

Inspiring articles on each side tell the stories of companies making a new home in or growing outside of Edmonton. We built a robust and flexible storytelling section allows EEDC team members to easily create inspiring stories with dynamic layouts.

Two audiences: two sets of goals

Why Edmonton?

The "Why Edmonton?" page tells the story of Edmonton, primarily to site selectors. It's a long-scrolling, interactive page with plenty of engaging transitions and animations. To avoid performance issues, we carefully chose lightweight and impactful CSS techniques.

This page is completely configurable through EEDC's CMS. They can edit content and rearrange and add new sections as needed, so the story of Edmonton can grow and change over time.

Why Edmonton?