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GFL Environmental Inc. Internal Campaign

GFL Environmental Inc. is a waste disposal and infrastructure services company with over 9,000 employees and counting.

Implementing a new online HR software this year was paramount to keep their rapidly growing workforce connected with easy access to their personal contact, benefits and general HR information. Lift implemented an internal marketing & change management program to encourage GFL employees to "Get On It."

Get On It

The campaign got it's very own brand and visual identity to help it stand out from everyday GFL marketing collateral.

You get swag, and you get swag

One of the campaign's main challenges was how to reach a largely transient workforce. Over 80% of GFL employees spend their entire day out on the road in trucks. We designed and sourced promotional materials for the "Get On It" Swag Kits to roll out all locations, and trucks, throughout the campaign.

Get On It Impact

The campaign was a great success. Employees were introduced to MyWorkday in a fun and exciting way.

70% Our Goal

82% Login Rate

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