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Lift Interactive

Handful of Films

An award-winning Canadian production company devoted to creating impactful non-fiction films on the human journey.

The founder, Niobe Thompson engaged Lift to build an online showcase for his collection of awe-inspiring films. Niobe's body of work is beautifully eclectic. We engineered a flexible, intuitive storytelling structure to ensure each film is shared and viewed as intended.

There’s Only Time For A Handful

We built an exceptional browsing and reading experience. The essence of the work is now highlighted, allowing users to view each one with ease. We designed the site to be modular by nature. This makes for a seamless experience, regardless of the device it’s being viewed on.

There’s Only Time For A Handful

Our new site combines functionality with the perfect dose of design elegance and sophistication. Lift achieved this with a thorough and responsive design process.

Niobe Thompson
Anthropologist, Science Host, Film Producer