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Edmonton Alberta Canada
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Lululemon: We Love You Edmonton Video

As part of Lululemon's national Appreciation Nation campaign, the Edmonton branch wanted to say thanks to their city. Together, we came up with a concept: a love letter in the form of a short video that would live on Facebook.

Because Edmonton is our home too, it was easy to find emotional connection points that all Edmontonians could relate to. We wrote a poem that celebrated everything that makes our city so special. To increase reach and social capital, we filmed prominent Edmontonian influencers alongside our winter city’s most iconic places in a pro-local, high-impact style.

Because we know this would live primarily on Facebook, we chose a style that works well both with and without sound.

Edmonton, we love you.

Your bumps and your bruises
Your twists and turns and edges
Your downtowns, your Whyte Aves
And of course your Ledges

Edmonton, you stretch and bend
You're never standing still
Energy runs through all your valleys
Sweat pours on every hill

You inspire us, Edmonton
To create, wonder, and grow
You make us shine and shimmer
You even make us glow

When you take a risk in Edmonton
Or you are Edmonton made
It means that your heart is bold
And that all ours beat the same

Some say that you are made of ice
And they complain about your snow
But, Edmonton, trust us when we say
You're the warmest place we know

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