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Make Something Edmonton

Make Something Edmonton is an award-winning open project platform for engaged citizens who are shaping their city.

We Launched, Then We Grew

We built Make Something Edmonton (MSE) in 2013 in partnership with the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. It's an interactive web application that allows makers to share their work. For example, a woodworker might showcase their latest line of chairs, or an activist might share their grassroots community project.

We Launched, Then We Grew

"You’re all strategic thinkers, and you created a website that looks great and functions really well. Have we had a single thing break on it, yet?"

~ Mary Sturgeon – Interim executive director, Make Something Edmonton

We gave users what they needed to keep making something Edmonton.

After over 3 years and close to 1600 projects and events, it was time to refresh MSE with an updated look, more robust explore capabilities, and easier project creation. We also added a whole new "stories" section that allows for journalistic essays to come together quickly with an editorial-level of polish.

Users can now follow projects so they can engage with them as they grow and change. We also improved commenting so that users are able to easily connect and organize.

We gave users what they needed to keep making something Edmonton.

Over the past three years

We've made small and big changes that have helped our users stay connected, stay hungry, and keep sharing their stories with their community.

3174 Makers

1157 Projects

567 Events


Never Stop Improving

The Make Something team recognized that it wasn't enough to just build something, launch it, and never touch it again. The beauty of a platform like this is that we can continually improve it based on real user patterns, not just guesses. We can listen to what they want, see how they're using it, and find solutions to make it better and better.