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Community Centric Circuit Building

Multisim Live allows users to take the same simulation technology used in academic institutions and industrial research today, and use it anywhere, anytime, on any web-enabled device.

National Instruments is a global leader in the design and development of electronic testing and simulation hardware and software.

NI products are sold to engineers, students, corporations and academic institutions and are foundational to learning for many around the world.

Challenging Web Application Design & Development

National Instruments ( approached us with a unique problem. An internal team at NI responsible for Multisim, used to teach circuit creation and simulation, was working on a web-based version of the product. They wanted to build an online community that would allow students, teachers, and professionals to connect.

Based on the success of Make Something Edmonton, Amplifier, and other past work, NI chose to work with us. We took what we knew about building community online and got to work tackling the unique challenges of the Multisim project.

In particular, the integration of the independently developed Javascript application presented challenges. When the project started, work on the Multisim JS app was still in progress. We had to develop the platform in a way that ensured information coming into the application was in the expected format. To accomplish these aims, we built the community platform with a REST API to ensure the right amount of flexibility.

NI was already familiar with and utilizing AWS for various projects. We worked with them to establish an infrastructure that would use AWS and Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk to provide scalability. This provided the ability to handle anticipated traffic and to quickly spin up new servers if required. Route 53 was also used to prepare for localization of assets required.

A community for engineers, students, and teachers.

Multisim Live offers an intuitive schematic layout experience within a web browser, making it available anywhere that is internet-accessible.

15,500 Circuits

19,500 Users

150 Groups

The Multisim online product is part of an existing and well established family of digital products. We implemented single sign on authentication using SAML to allow NI customers to use their existing NI ID for login.

Users can now stay logged in across all properties without keeping track of multiple accounts.

An Interface Designed for Users

Beyond the technical complexities of the project, we also worked closely with NI to understand their primary audience. We knew that the students who make up the core group of Multisim users would be fairly web savvy.

An Interface Designed for Users

We set about designing a site architecture that provide a seamless user experience. Users navigate between the web platform, the Javascript simulator application, and other NI properties. A built in content management system (CMS) provides for creation and editing of some content on the platform. Other areas link off to existing NI properties for service and support.

NI administrators are able to manage all of their work through a highly secure Django backend. Following a beta period and development iteration, the project was fully taken over by NI staff who now manage the platform and application.