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MyCompass is a groundbreaking new platform for people with developmental disabilities, and the people around them. In 2015, we were approached by the Skills Society and the Southern Alberta Community Living Association (SACLA) with an idea.

The goal of My Compass is to help people with disabilities "chart a course toward all the things that make life great." It doesn't get much more awesome than that.

Learning from Decades of  Experience

Skills and SACLA wanted to build a custom tool online to not only facilitate the creation of Person Directed Plans, but to keep a human-centred focus throughout the process, and involve individuals wherever possible.

We facilitated a discovery workshop at our office with a wide range of stakeholders and audiences; staff from Skills and SACLA, other service providers, government agencies, and other sharp minds in the community.

A focus on the user and their circle of support

Our flow diagram was the cornerstone for the development of MyCompass, and we tackled wireframes and designs for each step of the process with increasing fidelity as the project progressed.

Recording real life moments on the go

Traditionally, planning followup happens once or twice a year. By the time an individual meets with their service provider, much of what makes a milestone special is gone. MyCompass allows people with disabilities, their loved ones, and case workers to record moments in real time. These timeline events are more than just shared moments, they mark the completion of life plan events. The emotional state of the user is recorded to add colour to the timeline.

Recording real life moments on the go

"It’s like you crawled into our brains, and developed the perfect system based on what we need. This is exactly what we have been dreaming of for 5 years."

~ Ben Weinlick, SKILLS Society