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Lift Interactive

Tourism Jasper

After redesigning their website in 2015, we embarked on a creative partnership with Tourism Jasper. Together, we've found many different mediums to tell their story: one of authenticity, epic adventure, and cozy mountain comfort. 

Awe-Inspiring Video

We've worked with Tourism Jasper to develop everything from silly sketches shot on iPhone to providing creative direction for a full broadcast commercial. 

Video gets great engagement on their Facebook page, so we've created a balance of quick-hit, funny clips and long-form, breathtaking film. It's a little like Jasper itself: the perfect blend of humble and epic. 

Awe-Inspiring Video

Digital Marketing to Inspire Daydreams

Destination marketing can be tricky. You're not selling a product, you're selling a whole place. 

Each season we build out comprehensive activity-focused PPC campaigns and make use of Jasper's gorgeous photography for inspirational display advertising and landing pages. We want users to see an ad and start dreaming about relaxing by a fire after a day full of great adventures.

From here, the greatest personal expeditions begin. Prepare to Venture Beyond.

Venturing Beyond... and on...

All year long, Jasper is filled with tourists, adventurers and romantic get-away seekers. But what about those that truly call Jasper home? 

Much of Jasper's marketing is focused on the epic outdoors: boundless valleys and towering peaks. But it's so much more than that. We developed an online storytelling platform that is an extension of Tourism Jasper's core value: to "Venture Beyond." It aims to share the intimate stories of the locals who are living this philosophy every day.  

Venturing Beyond... and on...

A Flexible Co-Brand

We also crafted a co-brand to represent the platform and its ethos. It's far more grassroots and less polished than the primary, and it comes to life in different wordmarks and graphics. Each representation reflects the different sides of Jasper and the adventurers who explore it. 

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